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Jeppesen Services Suite + VFR Bundle

Benefit from the full VFR solution experience by adding Jeppesen’s acclaimed Mobile FliteDeck VFR for iPad. Not only will you receive the full Jeppesen Services Suite bundle for the Avidyne avionics in your aircraft, you will have the full VFR experience utilizing the industry’s only VFR dedicated application for iPad!

Two Regional Packages:

  • Full USA
  • Central Europe

What's Included:

Features IFD 400 Series IFD 500 Series EX5000 EX500/600 Mobile FliteDeck VFR
NavData VFR
Terminal Charts** ***

* Terrain update included if a new version is available. Terrain updates are infrequent and may not occur during the subscription period.

** Charts are not available for IFD 400 Series; however, if an EX Series is paired with the IFD 400 Series, charts can be included at a discounted rate.

*** Jeppesen VFR Terminal Charts available with IFD 500 Series software version 10.2 or later.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ or call to speak with your regional customer consultant!

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