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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it important to keep my NavData current?

A: Yes. Jeppesen processes over 100,000 NavData records each cycle. Chances are any one of these changes may impact your next flight. Whether you're using Jeppesen NavData for primary navigation or for supplemental purposes, it is important to keep your NavData current to improve the safety of your flight and operation.

Q: How often is Jeppesen NavData updated?

A: Jeppesen NavData is updated on a 28-day cycle and coincides with the International AIRAC calendar.
View Jeppesen's NavData Update and Effectivity Schedule.

Q: How often is Jeppesen Obstacle data updated?

A: Avionics that incorporate Jeppesen Obstacle data that are sold and distributed by Jeppesen are updated on the same 28-day cycle as NavData and coincides with the International AIRAC calendar.
View Jeppesen's NavData Update and Effectivity Schedule.

Q: Am I able to download and update my NavData prior to the effective date for a future trip?

A: Yes. For your convenience, NavData updates are available to download from JDM up to 10 days prior to the effective date. It is important to understand that the database cannot be used until the effective date because the changes in the database are not approved for use until the effective date. If used prematurely, it may cause ATC problems and impact safety of flight.

Q: I have multiple avionics systems in my aircraft that require NavData. Do I need to purchase a separate subscription for each?

A: Yes. While each supported avionics system uses Jeppesen NavData, each version is different. Most avionics systems use a modified version of Jeppesen ARINC 424 (NavData) that is specific to that system. Therefore, each system must have its own subscription because each database is different.

Jeppesen Charts for Multi-Function Display:

Q: How often are Jeppesen charts updated on my MFD?

A: Jeppesen charts for Multi-Function Displays are updated every 14 days.
View Jeppesen's Chart Update Schedule.

Q: Can I use Jeppesen electronic charts as a paper replacement?

A: Depending what flight rules you fly under, the answer may be yes. Jeppesen worked closely with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to produce AC 91-78, USE OF CLASS 1 or CLASS 2 ELECTRONIC FLIGHT BAG (EFB). This new AC was developed specifically to provide guidance to general and business aviation pilots who operate under (14 CFR) Part 91.

Q: Does Jeppesen offer bundled discounts for combining NavData services and electronic charts services on my MFD?

A: Yes. Sign up for NavSuite for Multi-Function Display and receive a discounted rate on your NavData and MFD chart subscription for your aircraft. NavSuite for Multi-Function Display combines electronic charts and flight planning solutions you can use on the ground and in the air in addition to your MFD. Get more information

Q. Can I purchase a trip kit or change my coverage and have the new coverage show up immediately?

A. Yes. If you need to expand or modify your coverage area, please contact Jeppesen Sales Support. You will be able to download the additional coverage approximately one hour after placing the order.

Q. I already have a Jeppesen Chart subscription and I'm interested in purchasing the NavData service for my new GPS. Is the flight information the same?

A. Yes. However, you may occasionally notice a few minor differences between what is seen on your charts and what is generated from the navigation database. These may be caused by any (or all) of the following:

Differences in publication criteria - Our NavData is updated and issued every 28 days. This is a relatively quick and simple operation for the user, since all of the changes are included on the updated media that is loaded into the aircraft navigation system or a mainframe computer system. The charts are quite a different story, as each chart must be individually updated and published. Variations, such as differences in information cut-off dates and lead-time requirements, may bring about distribution in one medium before the other. These differences are generally resolved in the NavData Change Notices and the Jeppesen Chart Change Notices. The change notices provide a weekly or bi-weekly update to the NavData and Chart services. A review of the Jeppesen Change Notices pages prior to using either service will help to ensure that you have the most current information.

Differences in the method used to determine bearing and distance values on charts and in computerized navigational systems - bearings and distances on airways, approach transitions and instrument approaches are published in a country's Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP). Almost exclusively, these values are taken from the AIP and published on Jeppesen charts. In contrast, the navigation database contains exact locations of the NAVAIDS used to form tracks of airways, approach transitions and instrument approaches. System software computes great-circle route bearings and distances based on the most current NAVAID information on the desired route. This data is then presented on the system display. Slight differences in bearing and distance may not be changed in the AIP, and consequently, they may not change on the charts. However, if NAVAID information has changed even minutely, differences may show up because the bearings and distances displayed are computed by the navigation system or computer flight-planning software each time a particular track is called up.

Differences in waypoint names and coordinates - Waypoint names that are published on our charts are taken directly from official government sources. In some countries, there are no restrictions on the number of characters used in the name. Computerized navigation system software limits waypoint names to a maximum of five characters. Therefore, waypoint names with more than five characters will be abbreviated for entry into the navigation database. Jeppesen has included an explanation of the method used to abbreviate these names on NavData pages 5 through 10, titled "NavData Name Conventions." Since the basic structure of the name is retained, it should be relatively easy to determine which computer-generated abbreviation should be associated with which waypoint. In addition, there are unnamed turning points and intersections depicted on charts that must be included in the navigation database. Consequently, certain names may appear in a computerized system that does not appear on a chart. The method used to identify these turning points and intersections is also included in "NavData Name Conventions."

Avionics Model Specific:

Q: I have a Garmin G600 and I get confused where I need to go for all the updates, including NavData, Obstacles, Terrain, Charts, SafeTaxi, AOPA, etc. What updates does Jeppesen provide?

A: Jeppesen provides NavData and Jeppesen charts (JeppView for Multi-Function Display) services for Garmin MFDs and Integrated Flight Systems. Obstacles, Terrain, SafeTaxi and AOPA updates are currently only available from Garmin.

Q: I've been told from my aircraft dealer that I must purchase and install Garmin's ChartView in order to view Jeppesen Charts on my G1000. What is this for?

A: ChartView is software developed and sold by Garmin and is a required installation in order to view Jeppesen charts on Garmin MFDs and some portable devices, such as the GPS 696. ChartView is not a Jeppesen product. Please contact Garmin or one of their dealers or visit for purchase and installation information.

Q: I've been told the high price Garmin charges for ChartView is to cover fees Jeppesen imposes on Garmin to display Jeppesen chart. Is this true?

A: No. Jeppesen has no direct influence on the fee Garmin charges for ChartView.

Q: What are the differences between Garmin FliteCharts and Jeppesen Charts for Multi-Function Displays?

A: There are several differences between Jeppesen charts (JeppView MFD) and Garmin FliteCharts.

  • Garmin FliteCharts are simply redistribution of the TPP (Terminal Procedures Publications) maintained by NACO (National Aeronautical Charting Office) for the United States. Jeppesen charts include additional value for USA locations because we carefully analyze each data change issued by various FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) agencies and validate the changes are fit for use before publishing our charts. Furthermore, we offer more coverage options (16 sub-regions within the United States).
  • Jeppesen offers 58 different coverages that encompass the globe. No matter where you fly, Jeppesen charts are available in the same reliable, consistent format.
  • Jeppesen charts are updated every 14 days to ensure you have the most up-to-date chart information. Garmin FliteCharts are updated every 28 days.
  • Jeppesen charts are produced in our proprietary format which requires less disc space resulting in smaller database size. Delta and sub-setting features in JDM (Jeppesen Distribution Manager) can further reduce the database size. Jeppesen Charts allows for quicker download and program times each cycle which saves you valuable time.
  • Jeppesen charts require Garmin ChartView software installed on the MFD or portable GPS prior to displaying the charts.

Q: I have a Garmin GNS 430W and a GNS 430 (non-WAAS). Can these use the same data cards?

A: No. Garmin's GNS 400 & 500 WAAS-enabled GPS systems require a 16MB Garmin Flash Card where the non-WAAS GNS 400 & 500 series require a 4MB or 8MB Garmin Flash Card. The cards are not interchangeable because they are specifically designed for the GPS model they support.

Q: I would like to purchase a Garmin card for my GNC 250XL. Where can I get this card?

A: Jeppesen is the only supplier for Garmin Flash Cards used for NavData. This includes the following GPS models:

  • GPS 150/150XL, GNC 250/250XL
  • GPS 155/155XL, GPS 165, GNC 300/300XL
  • GNS 400 & 500 Series
  • GNS 400 & 500 Series WAAS

These cards can be easily purchased through JeppDirect.

Q: Can I load Jeppesen NavData to my Garmin TAWS card?

A: No. While the cards look alike, the inside technology is different. Jeppesen NavData will not load to a Garmin TAWS card. An easy way to distinguish between the cards is to look at the label.

Q: I need to update the NavData on my Bendix King. Can I get this update from Jeppesen?

A: No. While your Bendix King does use Jeppesen NavData, it's only available to purchase and update from Bendix King.

Q: I need to update my Sandel TAWS. Can I get the TAWS update from Jeppesen?

A: No. While your Sandel TAWs system does use Jeppesen data, it's only available to purchase and update from Sandel.

Q: I have a BFGoodrich LNS 6000. Does Jeppesen still support NavData for this model?

A: Unfortunately no. Due to normal growth of Jeppesen NavData, the size capacity of the legacy BFGoodrich system has reached the point where Jeppesen and L3 Communications could no longer offer support.

Q: I have a Northstar M3 GPS. Does Jeppesen still support NavData for this model?

A: Unfortunately no. Due to normal growth of Jeppesen NavData, the size capacity of the legacy M3 GPS system have reached the point where Jeppesen and CMC could no longer offer support.

Q: I have an ARNAV FMS/STAR/5000. Does Jeppesen still support NavData for this model?

A: Unfortunately no. Due to normal growth of Jeppesen NavData, the size capacity of the legacy ARNAV system has reached the point where Jeppesen and Sagem could no longer offer support.

Q: I have an old Trimble GPS. Does Jeppesen still support NavData for this model?

A: Most Trimble GPS systems are no longer supported for NavData. Due to normal growth of Jeppesen NavData, the size capacity of the legacy Trimble GPS systems has reached the point where Jeppesen and FreeFlight could no longer offer support. Jeppesen currently only supports FreeFlight (Trimble) Navigator Approach 2000, 2100, 2101 I/0 models that have incorporated the hardware upgrade for 4MB Edge data cards. More information on FreeFlight's 4MB upgrade package.

Q: I need to buy a replacement card for my FreeFlight Navigator. Where can I get this card?

A: Jeppesen does not supply the 4MB Edge cards that FreeFlight Navigator GPS systems require. FreeFlight is the only supplier for these cards. Please visit FreeFlight for more information.

Data & Chart Service Updates:

Q: How do I update my Jeppesen data and chart services on my avionics or portable GPS device?

A: Most avionics and some portable device services sold by Jeppesen for general and business aviation are available to update using JDM (Jeppesen Distribution Manager). JDM is a free PC/MAC application that allows you to manage your navigation data. Please go to our JDM page to download JDM software, view JDM help documentation (including interactive help guides) and to view JDM specific FAQs.

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