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Q. Do I have to update my GPS / FMS NavData every cycle?
A. Yes. Every 28 days, there are on average more than 85,000 changes to the Nav database. Without regular updates, it would be virtually impossible for you to know which changes affect you. For this reason, we also strongly recommend a regular update service to VFR pilots!

When should I update my NavData card? Is there an effective date?
A. Yes, there is an effective date, and NavData updates for GPS and FMS equipment are only good for the specific, 28-day time period indicated.

For your convenience, we make our updates available 7 to 10 days prior to the effective date. Pilots using most GPS units will want to load new data updates as close as possible to the effective date. However, we don't recommend that you load and update your NavData card before it becomes effective. Attempting to use new or revised data prior to its effective date can cause problems for ATC and can impact flight safety.

NOTE: Most FMS units are dual cycle and carry both a current and future data set. With these units, the future effective data can be loaded at any time, and the unit will automatically switch on the effective date. With non-dual cycle FMS units, it's an operation decision as to when to update to the current cycle of data. ARINC 424 doesn't specify an effective time.

Q. Where can I view a schedule of the NavData and terminal chart update cycles? When does NavData update, and what is the effectivity schedule?
A. To view a schedule of the update cycles, please select Help > Update Cycle Dates Reference at the top of the JDM screen, or see our Update Schedule. NavData updates are available for download up to 10 days prior to the effective date.

Q. How do I receive notices and alerts?
A. The most current notices and alerts for your avionics are always just a click away. Simply click the button on the main screen of your JDM application, or visit our Web site to find the latest Jeppesen aviation notices and alerts that can affect your journey.

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