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Jeppesen VFR+GPS Charts for Europe

Jeppesen announces discontinuation of European VFR+GPS chart series. Find more information here.

VFR Manual

NEW: Electronic Textual Information for Jeppesen VFR Manual Subscribers
VFR Manual subscribers may access textual information for our complete library of 29 European countries free of charge. Make your flight preparation easier with the ability to search the entire library and find the information you need faster than ever before.

The Jeppesen VFR Manual is a loose-leaf system for preparation and execution of flights within Europe under Visual Flight Rules. It covers over 2,200 airports in 29 European countries with colored visual approach, landing and area charts. General and country-related text sections are included in English, German, or French. Available in various geographical editions or tailored for your individual combination of countries, our services give you unmatched flexibility for your flying.

Regular revisions are provided every 28 days. You can also download weekly updates by going online and checking the Chart Change Notices. Alternately, you can sign up to receive weekly Chart Change Notice update e-mails.

VFR Electronic Charting for JeppView®

For VFR pilots who seek the advantages of fast, hassle-free access to electronic chart information, Jeppesen's JeppView electronic chart services are the ideal solution. As a VFR pilot, you can benefit from the convenience and increased efficiency of Jeppesen's electronic chart service. Designed for use on the ground and in-flight environment, this service allows you to view and print key information from a desktop or portable computer to support the preparation, planning and execution of VFR flights within Europe.

This comprehensive resource allows you to access and download a full range of Jeppesen VFR charts and information. JeppView also offers these capabilities:

  • Electronic VFR approach and airport charts can be printed for paper back-up use in the cockpit
  • Easy-to-use, easy-to-view, full-color, vector-based electronic VFR approach and enroute charts
  • Eliminate the need to carry bulky paper text pages
  • Electronic text includes all general and country specific information
  • Text chapters are structured as recommended by ICAO
  • Update your charts anytime/anywhere via the Internet
  • Plan routes from departure to destination including alternate routes
  • Use Jeppesen's exclusive RoutePack format to create trip kits that can be exported to Jeppesen flight planning applications

You can select from 32 countries or geographical coverages, all of which are updated in a 28-day cycle.
(Trip kits are also available for flights outside your subscription area.)

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