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PilotPak FAQs

Q: What is PilotPak?
A: PilotPak is a co-branded avionics data bundle offering between Jeppesen and Garmin that includes annual subscriptions for all supported databases for the avionics configuration in a particular aircraft. There are 4 standard options: Lite, Standard, Standard+Jeppesen Charts and Standard+Garmin FliteCharts. PilotPak is limited to specific avionics models. For more information, please visit representative websites from Jeppesen and Garmin:,

Q: Which databases are included with PilotPak?
A: Common within all PilotPak bundles include: Obstacles, SafeTaxi, Terrain and Airport Directory. Depending on the option chosen, NavData, Jeppesen Charts and Garmin Charts may also be included. For more information, please visit representative websites from Jeppesen and Garmin:,

Q: Which avionics models include PilotPak options?
A: There are currently two Garmin avionics models that include PilotPak options. 1. Garmin GTN Series, which can include the following representative systems in the same aircraft: G300, G3X, G500, G500H and G600. Garmin GTN Series is required to be included in the PilotPak bundle to receive bundle discounts on the representative systems. 2. Garmin G1000, G1000H, Perspective and Prodigy. For more information, please visit representative websites from Jeppesen and Garmin:,

Q: When should I update my Garmin Terrain?
A: There is no need to update your Terrain database unless it has changed. To ensure you have the current database, verify the Terrain Cycle date in your avionics unit matches the current cycle.

Q: How often is the Garmin Terrain database updated for the Garmin GTN?
A: Garmin Terrain database for the GTN is only available to purchase as a one-time update. Garmin typically updates the file once a year, however there are times when a terrain database is updated more frequently. Check here for current cycle dates.

Q: Why is it taking so long to download the terrain database for my Garmin system?
A: The Garmin terrain database is approximately 1GB in size. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, the download could take between 20min. to 5 hours. Additional factors that affect download speeds include anti-virus, firewall, and other security software, as well as the type of operating system installed on the computer. We've found that downloads are generally slower in Windows Vista and 7 compared to Windows XP. If using a wireless connection with weak or intermittent signal strength, please consider using a hardwired connection in order to minimize signal dropouts and interruptions.

Q: What is Garmin SafeTaxi?
A: SafeTaxi identifies runways, taxiways, FBOs, and hangars, as well as your aircraft's exact location on the field. SafeTaxi is seamlessly integrated with existing basemap data, so the airport information automatically appears at the appropriate map range setting - with details increasing as the range setting decreases. Since SafeTaxi is geo-referenced, pilots will benefit by seeing their aircraft icon move precisely along the taxiway diagram on their navigation screen.

Q: How often are PilotPak databases updated?
A: Jeppesen Charts every 14 days. Garmin Charts every 56 days. Jeppesen NavData every 28 days. Garmin Obstacles, SafeTaxi and Airport Directory every 56 days. Garmin Terrain is not updated on a cyclical basis, and is only available as a one-time update.

Q: What is Garmin Obstacles?
A: Garmin Obstacles is a digital database that includes the locations of towers, tall buildings and other vertical obstructions that could be a potential source of hazard to pilots.

Q: Is there a PilotPak bundle for the GNS 430W?
A: There is no plan to establish bundles similar to the GTN bundles for the GNS 400/500 Series. The newer GTN and G500/G600 series products include "system ID" technology, which allows Garmin and Jeppesen to administer the bundles. The older GNS series products do not have "system ID".

Q: Can I add a portable device, such as a GPSMAP 696 to the PilotPak bundle for GTN?
A: The bundle program does not allow a portable GPS unit as a qualifying device. Affordable database pricing and bundles are separately available for portable GPS units. Visit Garmin for more information.

Q: Can I purchase SafeTaxi, Obstacles, Terrain and Airport Directory from Jeppesen individually?
A: Yes. These databases can be purchased over the phone from Jeppesen as an annual subscription or single update for the following avionics systems only: GTN Series, G500, G500H, G600, G3X, G300, G1000, G1000H, Perspective and Prodigy. The only exception is Airport Directory for the GTN Series. Airport Directory is not available for this system at this time.

Q: Is Airport Directory available for the GTN750?
A: No, not at this time. As soon as Airport Directory becomes available for the GTN Series, Jeppesen will begin including the Airport Directory updates in the PilotPak bundles and sell individually.

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